6 Creative Stages of Branding Design: Step-by-Step Guide.

What is branding?

Creative process of branding design for Andre

Stage 1. Business goals and brand personality

Corporate identity for Binned

Stage 2. Market and user research

Stickers designed for Reborn

Stage 3. Logo design

  • setting the task
  • user research
  • marketing research
  • creative search
  • choice of style direction
  • choice of color palette
  • testing in different sizes and environments
  • creating a style guide setting right and wrong cases of logo use etc.
Logo design for Passfold
Logo animation for Binned

Stage 4. Visual elements of brand

Mascot design for Saily
Logo design for Reborn

Stage 5. Corporate brand style

Business cards designed for Binned
Business cards for Deetu
Envelope design for Reborn
Poster designed for Andre
Vehicle livery designed for Andre
Branded clothes designed for Binned

Stage 6. A style guide

Styleguide for Reborn

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