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“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans,” famous conservationist and researcher Jacques Yves Cousteau mentioned, and it’s hard to disagree. The issues of environmental protection and building a sustainable future are discussed and explored at global levels today, and the online world also cannot stay aside. Our new design collection is also devoted to the theme: welcome to check a bunch of websites we designed to highlight the problems of air and sea pollution and support a zero-waste lifestyle and sustainable energy resources.

Stop Plastic Website

This web design project is called…

Man’s fascination with mountains has been unbroken since time immemorial. Today we want to share another design case study and tell you the creative story about Lumen Museum, the charming place that gives this fascination a photographic home with breathtaking views and interesting insights. Welcome to see how the Tubik team designed their website to set a strong connection with the museum atmosphere on the Web as well.


Modern website design for the museum of mountain photography.

Client and Idea

Lumen Museum is located at the summit of the region Kronplatz (in South Tyrol). It covers 1,800 square meters dedicated to mountain photography…

The process of creating an illustration for a particular product or project is not only about visual expression. There’s much more behind it, as in any type of design process: apart from the illustrator’s knowledge, effort, and practical skills, it also includes research, analysis, idea and composition search, working out the best color solution, and many other aspects leading to a needed outcome. In the case of creating a consistent set of illustrations, the process gets even deeper and more extended to reach the systematic design approach. That’s what we are going to talk about today: Tubik illustrator Yaroslava is…

With the rocketing number of brands, companies, and services, the number of diverse logos also grows. Sure, that’s exciting and challenging to be a part of the identity design process, and even more — to take a chance and uncover some of design outcomes for you. Time for a new collection of logo designs by the Tubik team: check a fresh issue of our logofolio featuring 17 logo design examples for various companies, services, and products.

Logo for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

This is a logo designed for Levapp, the company providing on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services. The identity design is based on simple shapes…

Illustration is not only the way to add beauty and mood to any project. It’s also a great way to set off on an artistic journey and travel around a variety of places shown through the illustrators’ perception. That’s what we invite you to do with our team today: here we’ve collected an inspiring bunch of atmospheric illustrations by our digital artists. Here you’ll find a variety of styles, environments, seasons, and stories to imagine behind each artwork. Join and enjoy it!

Let’s start our artistic journey from the Swiss landscapes: feel the majestic isolation vibe in the gorgeous Pennine…

Time for a new design case study and this one is all about ecommerce and web marketing. Let us unveil the creative process on branding and web design Tubik team made for GNO Wellbeing, the company producing and selling special weighted blankets that improve the quality of sleep.

The design team for the project included Vladyslav Taran, Ksenia Lashko, Vlad Radionov, Marina Solomennikova, and Max Dreshpak.


Logo, identity, and ecommerce website for the brand of weighted blankets.

Client and Story

It’s not a secret that healthy sleeping plays a huge role in people’s physical and mental health, productivity, and creativity. GNO Wellbeing company

In a busy world, delivery services are a great help. Today we invite you to have a glance at the brand design for a food delivery service: it’s a story of contrasts and functional art, consistency in identity design and creative visual storytelling. The project was assigned to Tubik designers Vlad Radionov and Yaroslava Yatsuba.

One of the global tasks that are successfully solved by digital products is various aspects of systematization, analysis, and accounting. Mobile and web applications help to effectively manage financial and communication issues and this way design directly supports the business. Today we offer you to see how the products of this kind are created: welcome to review the UX design process for one of our recent projects CashMetrics, the service that helps retailers manage their cash. …

Don’t forget, you are the hero of your own story. (Greg Boyle)

With the growing attention to prominent visual details and diversity of graphics on modern websites, the approach of using a hero image seems to move from trends to well-established strategies. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss what is hero image, why it’s important in web design and how to make it work for your goals. And sure, we’ll show that all on multiple web design examples by our studio team.

Among the hot UI design trends of the year, 3D graphics are rocketing on top of creative experiments. No doubt, integration of various 3D graphics into mobile and web interfaces is quite a challenge that requires specific skills and artistic eye to be crafted well. What’s more, it’s time-consuming. However, the benefits are really worth considering:

  • it is definitely eye-catching and users will never pass by
  • the 3D renders often look photorealistic which is a big advantage for user interface design: graphics of that kind may save the game in cases when photo content you need is impossible to get…


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