Get Original: Benefits of Handcrafted Lettering in Design.

What is lettering?

Keyword lettering for poster/title photo

Lettering vs Calligraphy

Keyword lettering for poster/title photo

Hand-drawn lettering in design

Slogan lettering for interior decor and branded clothes
Custom lettering for book presentation

Hand lettering in branding

Logo lettering handcrafted for Toonie Alarm

Pitfalls lettering may bring

Points to consider

  • Hand lettering is fully original so it makes the design feel fresh and special.
  • Custom letters always look extraordinary and attract customers’ attention.
  • Beautiful decorative letters influence visual perception bringing the feeling of aesthetic pleasure.
  • Powerful hand lettering increases brand recognition.
  • It’s sometimes easier to transfer the right message of a product via custom letters than with the help of digital fonts.
  • Original lettering assists a company to stand out against competitors.
  • Hand lettering can guarantee a pleasing first impression.
Slogan lettering in development

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