How to Create Original Flat Illustrations: Tips from Graphic Designer.

Theme illustration for Color Glossary

What is flat design?

Title illustration for the review of UI design trends

How to make flat illustrations original and add them personal style?

1. Step away from the simple geometrization of shapes

Financial Service Website

2. Analyze artworks by other illustrators

3. Choose an interesting perspective and composition

Booking Service UI

4. Check the scene from different angles

Add the Color Illustration

5. Apply original metaphors

Digital Agency Landing Page

6. Think well on color palette

Building UI Illustration

7. Use textures

  • real physical materials and details (such as scratches or scuff marks)
  • geometric details (lines, stripes, dots)
  • hand-made stuff with not ideally even live lines
Design Never Stops Illustration

Checklist: 6 features of a good flat illustration

  1. Original stylization
  2. Thought-out composition
  3. Non-standard perspective
  4. Carefully selected color palette
  5. Applying textures
  6. Use of metaphors
Catch Your Style Illustration

More examples of flat illustrations

Winter Olympics Illustration
World Cancer Day Illustration
Business Teamwork Illustration
Design Party Illustration
Design in Progress Illustration
Golden Ratio in UI
Dating App Landing Page

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