The Role of Branding in UI Design

Tubik Studio representative on Quora

Why is branding essential in user interface?

  • logo;
  • brand colors;
  • typography: lettering as a part of the logo or full representation of the logo (wordmark); types and fonts used via digital as well as physical products representing the brand;
  • graphic elements such as, for example, illustrations, design of letterheads, business cards and other print assets;
  • templates for corporate presentations etc.
Interface for Ribbet project featuring logo lettering

Path 1: From branding to UI

Case Study: Passfold. Designing Logo
Case Study: Passfold. Designing UI
Case Study: Saily. Designing Logo
Case Study: Saily App. Designing UI

Path 2: From UI to branding

The concept of landing page design by Polina forming strong feeling of branding via graphic design solutions



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